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Review Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

The Review Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Standards Committee.  Where the Assessment Sub-Committee has decided that no action should be taken in respect of an allegation about a Councillor’s behaviour, the complainant can ask for a review of that decision.  The Review Sub-Committee considers the complaint and the decision made by the Assessment Sub-Committee, and then proposes one of the following courses of action:


·         decide that no action should be taken in respect of the allegation

·         refer the allegation to the Monitoring Officer of the Authority for investigation or other action

·         in specific circumstances, refer the allegation to the Standards Board for England


The decision of the Review Sub-Committee is made using only:


·         the information contained in the official complaint form as submitted by the complainant

·         the decision notice published by the Assessment Sub-Committee

·         information which is already available to the general public, for example information in the Members’ Register of Interests and the public minutes of Council meetings.


Where the Review Sub-Committee refers a complaint to the Council’s Monitoring Officer for investigation, the Monitoring Officer will, after the investigation has been completed, submit a report to the Sub-Committee which must then decide whether the complaint should proceed to a hearing.


For further information regarding the responsibilities and functions of the Standards Committee and its sub-committees, please see Article 9 (p85) and Part 3 of the Constitution.


Details on what to do if you believe a Councillor has breached the Code of Conduct can be found on the Council’s website by following this link.


  • Mr J Petherick  (Independent Person) 

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